A first-time freshman is a high school graduate (or soon-to-be high school graduate) or can provide high school equivalency transcript.

Complete the Online Application
The first step for any first-time student applying for admission to East Central Community College is to complete an online Application for Admission.

Submit Your Transcript
Submit your official final transcript from your high school to ECCC to the admissions office.

Official transcripts contain a school official signature and/or seal to demonstrate that is has been issued by the high school and include all necessary graduation information on secondary enrollment (courses, terms, and corresponding years of enrollment).  

Transcripts may be submitted electronically from the school directly to the college using a secured network member site such as National Student Clearinghouse and Parchment, in-person, or by mail. Faxed transcripts are not considered official.  

If you have not yet graduated, you may send a current partial transcript now and request your official final transcript be sent after graduation.

Home-school transcripts may be developed by the parent, legal guardian, or by a third-party home school transcription agency. At minimum, home school transcripts should:

  • List the name of the home school name and address
  • List all courses taken and dates completed
  • Have a cumulative GPA calculated on a 4 point scale
  • Include the graduation date (if graduated) or anticipated graduation date
  • Be signed and dated by the “School Principal” which may be the parent or legal guardian
    • If grades are conferred by a parent or legal guardian, home school transcripts must be notarized
    • If grades are conferred by a third-party home school association or organization, home school transcripts are not required to be notarized

Submit ACT/SAT Scores or take the ACCUPLACER
Submit ACT/SAT scores or make an appointment to take the ACCUPLACER. You can send your ACT scores at act.org. ECCC's ACT code is 2192. 

ACCUPLACER testing is available for a nominal fee (approximately $20) and scheduled by appointment. Contact ECCC Admissions to request an appointment to test after you have applied for admission and submitted transcripts. 

Register for Orientation

WOW: Warrior Orientation + Welcome is a campus event designed to prepare new students for a successful transition to life at East Central Community College. New students are introduced to campus services and resources, and time is allotted for questions regarding financial aid and campus housing. Additionally, new students are guided through their first academic advisement and course registration experience. All new degree-seeking students are required to attend an orientation session. Attending orientation is how students confirm they are enrolling at ECCC. 

Review orientation information, available dates, and instructions for registering at: admissions.eccc.edu/new-student-orientation 

East Central CC - Fall 2023 Student Guides

To view/print a copy of your class schedule in myEC: https://bit.ly/myECviewschedule

To check or change your major (if Liberal Arts) or program of study (if CTE): https://bit.ly/ECchangemajorform

To complete the FERPA student info release form: https://bit.ly/myECreleaseformFERPA

To register your vehicle to park on campus: https://bit.ly/ECCCvehicle

To add/drop classes (be sure to check with your advisor and Financial Aid!): https://bit.ly/ECadddrop

To view the ECCC Canvas help course: https://eccc.instructure.com/courses/578844

For help or questions, contact go2ec@eccc.edu

We are so glad you are part of the ECCC Warrior family!